What is this ?

Cartaclysm is a free and open source prototype. It is a game playable by 4 players on the same screen. It is a car-game, but not a race: the winner is not the one who finishes first, it is the one who finishes alive with the most points earned by completing challenges.

Cartaclysm screenshot 1

You can see various videos of the game on Youtube.

The game is mainly multiplayer. You just have to launch it and you are directly able to play without going through any menu.

You can play alone, but I think it will not be much interesting until a proper single player mode with goals and achievements will be added, maybe one day.

Cartaclysm screenshot 2

How to play ?

Just unzip and execute :


Action Keyboard Xbox 360 controller
Accelerate Up arrow Right trigger
Brake Down arrow Left trigger
Turn right Right arrow Left stick
Turn left Left arrow Left stick
Hover mode X X
Join game/respawn Space A

Known issues

What’s next ?

Do not hesitate to participate under various forms: